New PDF release: 1996 Mazda Millenia Workshop Manual.

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CHARACTERISTICS: Dries to a tough, waterproof coating. Does not craze or crack. Resistant to acids and alkalis, also petrol, oil and grease. Noninflammable. 0 0 TEMPERATURE RANGE: 45 F. , 7°C. to 260°c. , 93°c. 24 hours sub- DRYING TIME: 1 hour to 2 hours first sequent coats. yds. 8m /t) average. FINISH: Dull grey-black. COATS: Minimum 2. APPLICATION: Cold applied - by brush. yds. 8m /t). Job 23 - Specification On A4 paper type this specification in the same style as for Job 22. ), SPECIFICATION.

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1996 Mazda Millenia Workshop Manual.

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