New PDF release: A Face Turned Backward

By Lauren Haney

ISBN-10: 0061364452

ISBN-13: 9780061364457

ISBN-10: 0380792672

ISBN-13: 9780380792672

Homicide AND GREED within the old LAND OF AMON

The many and robust deities of Egypt has to be given their due. All trade is carried out less than the watchful eyes of the functionaries of the good Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut. dying faces any and all who might rob the royal hose of Kemet of its rightful percentage. Lieutenant Bak, commander of the Medjay police, willingly accepts his task to look all Nile River site visitors for contraband -- for rumors are rife of precious elephant tusks passing unlawfully from the south to the north. yet greed has spawned loss of life, hideous and unforeseen, and a person who could develop into wealthy illegally is dealing in excess of beneficial ivory. Whoever threatens to reveal a deadly cache of secrets and techniques won't dwell to work out a brand new sunrise -- and dependable Bak may be the subsequent, as he heads relentlessly towards a grim war of words, a stunning revelation, and intensely attainable doom within the realm of the dead.

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Patience, he had discovered, gave them the chance to amuse themselves and gave him the answers he needed, but he dared not inspire exaggeration by a show of too deep an interest. “The wadi goes back some distance but is narrow, and the water at its mouth is deep. ” Tjanuny scratched a flank, stole a look at Bak. “I and three of my fellows left the ship to walk along the water’s edge. ” Bak eyed the land sweeping by to either side, a poor, thirsty land where the term “of small value” was the literal truth.

Hori’s voice, insistent, urgent. Bak swung around, saw the chubby youth running down the quay, clutching his scribal pallet under his arm. The boy slid to a halt, took a couple of deep breaths. “Sir, there’s been a shipwreck! A long day’s walk to the north. ” He paused, wiped the sweat from his face. “Captain Ramose found it at first light. You must go, sir. The crewmen are gone—either drowned or run away—and the cargo has vanished. Chapter Three “Not long before dusk, we found a sheltered spot at the mouth of a dry watercourse, a desert wadi.

A sentry, reduced to a silhouette against the light, paced the battlements. A half dozen fishermen stood among as many skiffs pulled up on the revetment near the end of the quay, their voices raised in argument, speaking in a local dialect Bak could not understand. He listened to the murmurs of the ship’s crew farther out on the quay, inhaled the fishy, musty odor of the water flowing past, savored the breeze caressing his shoulders. He thought of the ship that had already sailed, wondered where it would tie up for the night and what safe harbor Ramose would find.

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