Access All Areas: A User's Guide to the Art of Urban by Ninjalicious PDF

By Ninjalicious

A accomplished guidebook to city exploration, an exhilarating, mind-expanding pastime that encourages our natural tendencies to discover and play in our personal surroundings. contains every thing you want to start exploring little-known city areas like deserted constructions, rooftops, building websites, drains, transit and application tunnels and extra. positive aspects chapters on

* training
* recruiting
* preparation
* equipping
* social engineering

and different topics very important to the winning city explorer.

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Don't default to a backpack just because it's easiest for you. Perhaps the most important credibility prop of all these days is the cell phone. Even though everyone on earth has one these days, if you're dressed appropriately, a cell phone can still help you convey the sense that you are important and businesslike and have way too many demands on your time to speak with every employee in the building who wonders if he or she can help you. Pagers and PDAs do the job of conveying importance, but they don't give you quite as much excuse to Access All Areas 39 seem completely oblivious to the world around you as a cell phone.

Don't tum the lights on or off -leave them as they are. If the area is very dark and you don't want to risk bringing out a light source, just wait patiently for a few minutes and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Pay attention to your shadows and your reflections. Walk near walls instead of out in the open, don't pass directly in front of windows, avoid being backlit and try not to look tremendously suspicious while you're doing all of this. When you're sneaking through even a very sparsely populated area, you'll look very suspicious if it's obvious that you're constantly looking around and peering over your shoulder.

Such costumes take minimum effort and involve minimum risk. Using the same sort of disguise, but to a greater degree, allows you to very strongly imply that you have permission to be somewhere, while still stopping short of actually making a dishonest claim or actually impersonating someone. While it is illegal in most places to disguise yourself as a cop or a security guard, it isn't illegal to look like a construction worker, an electrician or a maintenance worker. If you're wearing workpants and a tool belt and people assume you're a maintenance worker, well, that's tragic but it can't be helped.

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