Acuarela — Grandes obras: Escuela de pintura by Ron Ranson PDF

By Ron Ranson

ISBN-10: 8481629561

ISBN-13: 9788481629569

A lavishly illustrated state-of-art consultant to water color portray innovations. Smattering in Spanish isn't necessary to enjoy and research from this wonder.

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For example: To brighten up old gold and pictures:ii “Take the finest lime and cover it with three fingers of water in a glazed container, and let it dissolve thoroughly with the aid of a stick, and then let the mixture clear. When it is clear, distil it twice with a retort and keep it to one side. Then take ashes from soft wood and mix them together, and if the mixture is strong, so much the better. Take two inghistere [measures] of this mixture and five pounds of white soap, finely grated, and with a sponge you will make it dissolve thoroughly in this lye, and then distil it all two or three times, the more the better.

Take a lira’s worth of white honey, and mix it well with the other ingredients; when you are ready, you will be able, either with the finger or the brush, to quickly spread the mixture on the figures and the gold. Have the sponge to hand and wash it away, but see that the sponge is imbibed with weak lye, which is better than water. ” iii Modo di rinovar piture sopra tavola o vero in muro et sopra oro che siano vechie pareranno nove: “pigliate una pignata invedriata nova et mettetevi dentro una libra di sapon negro et una inghistera di maestro fatta di cenere forte e di calcina viva come sapete, dipoi farete bollire fino ch’el sapon sarà disfatto, poi levatelo dal foco, poi abbiate un gotto d’aceto forte bianco, tre ovi con la chiara et rosso et una oncia di sal comune, et ogni cosa posta in un cadino, messeda come proprio voleste farti brodetto, poi torete lira una di miel bianco et con le predette cose mescolatelo ben insieme, et quando vorete operare sarete presto con il dito o con il pennello in onger le figure e l’oro, et subito abiate la sponga et lavarate, ma fatte che la sia bagnata in lissia dolce ch’è meglio che in acqua, et quando bagnerrete, fatte che la lissia o l’acqua sia netta et chiara et siate presto in adoprar la sponga et operar però leggermente, et farete le vostre opere come se fusse fatta da novo; se le vorete mondificar, pigliarete chiara d’ovo et late di fico, et messedate bene come sapete et operate”.

22. 29 Lorenzo di Credi is also responsible for the addition of the griffins in the frame of the monument to Sir John Hawkwood by Paolo Uccello, see: Milanesi, in Vasari IV, 1879, note 5 p. 568; Reymond, L’architecture des peintres aux premières années de la Renaissance, in “Revue de l’Art”, 1905, p. 48 and note 1. Baraccano’s fresco was detached in 1969 by Ottorino Nonfarmale. On this subject, see the entry in Arte e pietà, catalogue of the exhibition, Bologna, 1980, n. 1, pp. 145–147. The fourteenth-century image is not, however, by the hand of Lippo di Dalmasio, but is the work of an earlier master, relating to some of the works by “Pseudo Jacopino”.

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Acuarela — Grandes obras: Escuela de pintura by Ron Ranson

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