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By Hermann von Gottschall

This Elibron Classics publication is a facsimile reprint of a 1912 version by means of Veit & Comp., Leipzig.

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Heinrich Heine had remarked sourly of that ‘Damned Hole – Göttingen’, ‘famous for its sausages and its university’, that it was ‘pleasing to look at if you have turned your back’. 10 Blackie was arriving in the first flush of enthusiasm, bent on acquiring a good knowledge of the German language, so that his first impressions were more likely to have been like those of another student, published in 1831 in the Edinburgh Literary Journal: A high mound of earth, planted with linden-trees, surrounds the town, so that only the roofs of the highest houses can be seen.

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Adolf Anderssen der Altmeister deutscher Schachspielkunst by Hermann von Gottschall

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